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Factual Lies: My Thoughts on Nanook of the North

We’re pleased to welcome a guest blog post from Nathaniel Sutton. He’s currently a film student at Cal State Northridge, an intern at Flicker Alley, and, not to mention, a film fanatic. It is my senior year of college, and I … Continue reading

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Why So Serious? How Cinerama’s Smilebox Came to Be

With the upcoming release of THIS IS CINERAMA and WINDJAMMER we’ve been having some interest about the process that mimics Cinerama’s famous curved screen called Smilebox.  Here’s a brief description of the process from Dave Strohmaier, the director of Cinerama … Continue reading

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Abel Gance Triumphs in 2012

Napoleon, Kevin Brownlow, and the San Francisco Silent Film Festival have been prominent on the cultural radar during the last few weeks, from features in the NYTimes and Wall Street Journal to countless blog posts [The Daily Mirror; Smithsonian’s Reel Culture] and … Continue reading

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Celebrating Georges Méliès

Happy Birthday Georges Méliès! The great cinema magician was born in Paris on December 8, 1861. We are pleased that on this 150th anniversary, Méliès is garnering much attention and has been winning new fans following the release of Martin Scorcese’s new … Continue reading

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Talking Film History with Bérénice Bejo

Last week, we had the pleasure of chatting with Bérénice Bejo, Argentinean/French actress who stars as Peppy Miller in the new Weinstein Company release The Artist. Since its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year, the film, directed by Michel … Continue reading

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Those Awful Hats!

Flicker Alley is pleased to welcome our first guest blog post from Doug Hanvey, a writer and casual moviegoer.  For filmgoers who dig horror, sci-fi, cult, animated, or just plain weird films, watching Flicker Alley’s new WILD AND WEIRD set … Continue reading

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